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26. September 2023


"We are delighted to announce the IMS Symposium 2023, organized in partnership with Agilent Technologies and MOBILion Systems. This exceptional event will take place on September 26, 2023, at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna.

The IMS Symposium will explore many of the latest research developments with modern ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) and IM-MS instrumentation for the analysis of small and large (bio)molecules. A key focus will be the European debut of the MOBIE® platform featuring structures for lossless ion manipulations (SLIM) technology for high-resolution IM-MS from MOBILion Systems. The MOBIE platform provides the highest-resolution separation across the broadest m/z range to deliver faster analytical workflows and identify molecules other instruments fail to detect. The launch will encompass an introduction to the theory of this new technology, live demos, and practical applications.

Participation in the IMS Symposium 2023 comes at no cost, and delegates will enjoy complimentary lunch and coffee breaks. While a comprehensive schedule will be unveiled in the upcoming weeks, we encourage you to secure your spot by registering early, as seating is extremely limited."

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