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01. Juni 2023


This one day event is being held in the recently opened House of Digitalization at the Campus Technopol Tulln.

The symposium forms an integral part of the interdisciplinary Omics 4.0 research project, which is funded by the state of Lower Austria. Without bioinformatics and data science, the rapid advancement of the Omics disciplines would not have been possible. Not only do biologists and analysts rely on the support of bioinformaticians in the form of new software and evaluation methods, but more importantly, good communication between bioinformaticians and scientists from related disciplines is key to successful data interpretation.

The Data 4 Omics Symposium serves exactly this purpose. It offers a platform for bioinformaticians and scientists from related Omics disciplines, especially metabolomics and transcriptomics, to share their findings, exchange ideas and network with others in the field.

Join us for an engaging and informative experience.

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