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Potsdam, Deutschland

30. November - 01. Dezember 2023


Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education – a world of opportunity or serious risk?


The conference addresses mainly representatives of the higher education community and quality management staff of HEIs, as well as representatives of the international business community and political stakeholders.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a vision of the future, but already influences our everyday lives in many ways. The use of AI in higher education has sparked dynamic and controversial discussions about the benefits, challenges, consequences, and potential risks of this technology in recent years and in particular since the arrival of ChatGPT at the end of 2022. In fact, AI is already – and will be to a considerable extent in the future – reshaping, if not disrupting, higher education in many ways, be it in the area of research, teaching & learning (including assessment), administration, and quality assurance. It will therefore be necessary for the higher education sector to adapt its approaches in such a way that AI is used effectively and appropriately. Thus, HEIs will have to take into account and critically analyze the impact of AI tools on learning and teaching, and reinforce their broader role in relation to the impact of such technologies on our societies.

Based in the state of the art input by eminent speakers in the AI community, the conference participants will discuss the best ideas and approaches of how to deal with the opportunities and challenges that the use of AI entails. To what extent can AI revolutionize the higher education sector by improving learning environments, internal processes and quality management? How can AI potentially violate existing regulations or data protection? And how can we manage to ensure a successful introduction of AI tools and a smooth transition to properly use them?

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