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15. - 19. Oktober 2023


"We are excited to announce the upcoming, already the third STEM-CPD Summer School! It is an exceptional opportunity for university lecturers in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) who are dedicated to student-centered teaching and learning.

This immersive program aims to empower participants to enhance the quality of education at their institutions."

Flyer 3rd STEM-CPD Summer School 2023

PARTICIPANTS: The Summer School is open to university lecturers in STEM disciplines who are willing to promote and organize activities for continuous professional development among their fellow lecturers.

GOALS & OUTCOMES: Participants will develop university teaching competences in international dimension, enabling them to implement professional development activities that elevate the quality of teaching and learning at their respective universities. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to join the international CPD Ambassadors community.

PROGRAM & METHODS: The STEM-CPD Summer School spans 4.5 days and offers a range of inspiring interactive workshops, collaborative group sessions, and powerful discussions. The study program is based on active learning and is disciplinary and interdisciplinary-oriented.

CERTIFICATION: Participants who successfully complete all parts of the Summer School will be awarded a CPD Ambassador Certificate, recognizing their dedication and achievements.

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