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Belgrade, Serbia

09. - 14. July 2023


Welcome Letter from ICSC Chairman

On behalf of the International Steering Committee, we are pleased to invite you to attend the International Conference on Solution Chemistry (ICSC).

ICSC is a traditional conference held every two years for more than half a century over the world, such as Xining (China) (2019), Szeged (Hungary) (2018), Prague (Czech Republic) ((2015), Kyoto (Japan) (2013), La Grande Motte (France) (2011). The future ICSC will be held in Cartagena (Columbia) (2022, postponed due to COVID-19), Berglade (Serbia) (2023), Monastir (Tunisia) (2025). The aim of ICSC is to bring together new results of their scientific works and present and discuss the new findings on various scientific and technological issues related to solution chemistry.

Solution chemistry covers a broad and interdisciplinary area in chemistry, physics, and biology, pharmaceutical and medical sciences.

With the advent of new theory, analytical methods, computers, and technology, the research area of solution chemistry has now been widely and deeply expanded, and is very promising in industrial applications like biomaterials and proteins, and nanotechnology.

Topics to be discussed in 37 ICSC (Cartagena) are

• Solution thermodynamics • Electrochemical processes in solution • Ionic liquids • Biochemical processes in solution • Solubility phenomena and phase equilibria • Solution structures and dynamics • Supercritical fluids and solutions under extreme conditions • Colloids and interfaces • Computational solution chemistry • Supramolecular chemistry and solvation • Industrial applications of solution chemistry • General solution chemistry

During the conference we arrange ample time for poster sessions so that presenters, in particular, young scientists like PhD students and postdocs, could discuss about their research results with eminent scientists from all over the world. We are sure that all attendees of the conference could bring home fruitful results and have memorable experiences and time in scientific and cultural events during ICSC.

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