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Liverpool, England

06. - 10. Oktober 2024


"The International Symposium on Chromatography (ISC) represents the oldest conference series focussing on separation science. ISC symposia have been organised since 1956 in each even year. ISC is internationally recognised as one of the premier meeting series for discussion of all modes of chromatography and separation science with a broad coverage of techniques and applications.

The theme for the symposium is “Imagine a world of Chromatography” and the symposium programme will reflect this theme covering the many disciplines where chromatography is an essential component of the analytical workflow. This will include applications of separation science in pharmaceutical, petrochemical, environmental, food and health sectors, as well as lectures on the fundamentals aspects of separation science and new technological developments. The symposium will also highlight new challenges and emerging opportunities for both separation science and associated detection technologies.

As an integral part of the scientific programme of lectures and poster sessions, an exhibition and vendor seminars on instrumentation and services for chromatography, separation science and mass spectrometry will be organised. ISC 2024 will provide the perfect forum for attendees from academia, industry and government research institutions for scientific exchange and networking. The world of chromatography offers many possibilities, and the symposium will allow imaginations to develop through the many lectures and networking opportunities.

However, our symposium is not only about talks, posters, and exhibitions. It is about providing a friendly, welcoming environment that actively supports the next generation of separation scientists as well as the current one. The environment is one that fosters dialogue and face-to-face encounters not only in the symposium and exhibition halls, but also in the informal meetings and rich social program that is provided within a city that has a reputation for its vibrancy and culture. 

The conference venue is on the banks of Liverpool’s world heritage waterfront, gateway to one of the world’s most famous ports. It is part of Europe’s only purpose-built interconnected arena, convention and exhibition centre situated alongside on-site hotels. The ultra-modern surroundings will ensure maximum comfort and also fully integrated technology to ensure that no lecture is missed. It is truly an awe-inspiring place where the imagination can truly be allowed to have free reign.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in 2024 to Liverpool and helping you Imagine a world of chromatography.

Tony EdgeSymposium Chair"

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