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Venice, Italy

11. - 15. Juni 2023


The Environmental Chemistry Division of the Società Chimica Italiana and the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice will organize the 18th ICCE Conference 2023 in Venice (Italy), a biennial conference under the auspice of the Division of Chemistry and the Environment (DCE) of the European Chemical Society (EuChemS)

ICCE 2023 addresses scientists in academia, industry and in governmental institutions alike. The conference will provide a unique and inspiring information and communication platform for environmental scientists and a forum of professional exchange with collaborators and colleagues in toxicology, analytical chemistry, microbiology, geosciences and other related disciplines. Conference topics will include analysis and modelling of environmental contaminants, impacts of climate change on local to global circulation of chemicals, nano-size particulate materials and microplastics in the environment, atmospheric pollution (indoor and outdoor), environmental risk and impact assessmentemerging contaminantswater pollution, innovations in water and wastewater treatmentbiotransformation of organic pollutants, green chemistryecotoxicologyLCAenvironmental sustainability, environmental impacts on cultural heritagerole of chemistry in the circular economy, university education in environmental chemistry, and many other important topics.

Conference Chair: Prof. Antonio Marcomini, University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, Venice, Italy

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