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Wir gratulieren den Preisträgerinnen!

Friedrich Bauer Award

for the best master thesis in the area of Food Chemistry

Vanessa Partsch:

Identification of novel immunosuppressive and antiestrogenic Alternaria mycotoxins through toxicity-guided fractionation of a complex Alternaria mycotoxin extract

Sara Schlachter:

Development of a screening method for processed animal proteins (PAP) in feed by high resolution LC-MS/MS


P.B. Czedik-Eysenberg Award

for the best paper in the area of Food Chemistry, Consmetics and Consumer Products:


Stefanie Dobrovolny:

Development of a DNA metabarcoding method for the identification of fifteen mammalian and six poultry species in food


Andrea Hochegger:

Combination of multidimensional instrumental analysis and the Ames test for the toxicological evaluation of mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons

Best poster award at the Austrian Food Chemistry Days 2024:

Katharina Höfler: Analysis of arabinoxylans in gluten-free cereals by HPAEC-PAD via an adjusted and validated hydrolysis method based on design of experiments


Best oral presentation award at the Austrian Food Chemistry Days 2024:

Sabrina S.:

Odour active compounds in 'lupin-coffee'-formation and analysis

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