• 18.05.2022 / Graz

“Publishing Scientific Research - Who decides who, what, and where, and how do they do it?

Dr. Peter Gregory

Editor Emeritus Advanced Materials


HS H „Ulrich Santner"

Technische Universität Graz

Kopernikusgasse 24, EG


18.05.2022 17:15 Uhr.



Authors choose where they want to submit work for publication, and their choice is based on the topic or the work, and the readership and the prestige of the journal That all sounds obvious But are there other influences? Perhaps the selection is also influenced by the author´s employer, colleagues/collaborators, their funder(s), the policies of the journal, and even requirements/ability to pay Success with that choice can also be dependent on the preferences of editors, the prejudices of referees, relationships with colleagues and competitors, and the nebulous nature of the peer review system As if all this is not complicated enough, in addition the publishing industry has been changing dramatically for the first time in hundreds of years, influenced by consumers, governments, and funding agencies, with digitization and open access being examples of developments I

will be taking a look at what is going on and how these things are related.

Peter Gregory is Editor Emeritus of the scientific journal “Advanced Materials” and was Vice President and Publishing Director at Wiley in Germany responsible for materials, physics, and life science journals. journals.. Over his 30 year career in publishing he has fulfilled many editorial and management functions in 25 years at Wiley including books , journals , B2B products , websites , society business , and encyclopaedias in fields including physics , materials science , industrial chemistry , and life sciences . He also led RSC Publishing as Managing Director in Cambridge, UK, for 5 years . All in all, Peter and his team founded over 25 new scientific

journals , as well as other products both for Wiley and the RSC, including 16 members of the Advanced ” journal family