• 10.05.2022 / ONLINE

Measurement Uncertainty in Chemistry and Biology: Concepts and Developments

Ein Vortrag von em. O. Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Wolfhard Wegscheider

Department General, Analytical and Physical Chemistry

Montanuniversität Leoben


Measurement uncertainty is an interval around a result that describes the dispersion of the quantity value associated with the particular measurement. As such, it must encompass all the effects on dispersion, also those not accessible by a standard deviation.

The concept evolves from the firm definition of the measurand, the quantity intended to be measured. Particularly complex measurements common in biology may suffer from a lack of sound understanding of the measurand. In these situations one is frequently confronted with measurands that depend on the particular method of measurement.

A step-wise approach to the estimation of measurement uncertainty will be outlined in the talk.

Current developments for measurements with (very) large uncertainty and for qualitative results will be highlighted, along with international approaches at the “Consultative Committee on Chemistry and Biology, CCQM” of the Bureau International des Poids and Mesures linking everyday measurements to higher order standard.

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